Is Your Refrigerator Making Smelly Ice Cubes?

Sometime you may notice that your fridge is making smelly ice cubes and when you taste it, it gives awful feeling. It might be due to the reason that, you have a fridge with a singular evaporator, unwrapped freezer food, or an old water filter that should be changed.

Reasons Behind Producing Smelly Ice Cubes and How To Deal With It

If your refrigerator is producing smelly ice cubes or the water tastes different then following could be the reasons behind it:

Fridge With Single Evaporator

A new Customer Report study discovered that when unwrapped food is stored inside the fridge, as a result the ice will smell odd and tastes like something rotten. This isn’t an exceptional case for a single evaporator refrigerator where the air goes through both the fridge and freezer units, sharing and recycling the same condensed air.

Quick Fix: Take out all the ice cubes and dispose them after that, clean the whole ice shelves with a mixture of baking soda and water. Place an open soda box inside the refrigerator to help absorb odors. Therefore, next time you intend to purchase a new refrigerator, consider upgrading to one with double evaporators that keeps wind stream contained in each different compartment.

Unwrapped Food kept In Freezer

At this stage, you need to store food in proper packing and wrappings, and avoid keeping food exposed to cold air because Ice will ingest any scents floating through the air. Ultimately, the freezer ice cubes smell unpleasant and tastes crazy. Truly gross.

Quick Fix: For particularly powerful stockpiling things like fish, garlic, or fermented nourishment, guarantee things are sealed safely in containers or wrappers, double the cover wrapper when important if spills are a worry.

Here are the things you need to do if your refrigerator freezes food

Poor Water Supply

To be honest most of the time we ignore this and jump to other solution because poor water supply to home is not very common. But, still there is a great possibility that your fridge is making bad taste ice due to the water supply to the home. The taste of the water may vary depending on the source therefore it is important to confirm which one is supplied to your home.

Quick Fix: If your freezer makes smelling ice cubes because of the bad water supply, you might need to take into account installing a quality water filter in your residential home to purify water.

Replace Fridge Water Filter

If your ever wonder, “For what reason does my fridge make malodorous ice cubes?” It could be perhaps due to a blocked water filter. At the point when the fridge filter is over used and needing substitution, it loses the capacity to eliminate dregs and terrible tasting particles and synthetic substances. We taste stinking water when it’s not filtered appropriately.

A top notch water filter has a significant effect with regards to keeping water taste fresh and ice taste clean. Having clean healthy, pure mineral water implies having perfect, unadulterated ice also.

Quick Fix: If it has been longer than a half year since you last changed your water filter than, it is late. Allude to your proprietor’s manual to buy a brand-explicit filter as emphasized by manufacturer advice for your model type.

“For what reason does my freezer make malodorous ice?” is an inquiry we hear a great deal. In case, you have made all possible efforts to troubleshoot and still having hard time with your refrigerator ice cubes producer, one of our ice maker repairing experts at Dialatechnician will analyze and fix the issue. Call us today to schedule an appointment.

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