What To Do If Your Refrigerator Keeps Freezing Food

Opening your fridge cabinet to grab some vegetables but you find them frozen is an unwanted shock, particularly if produce is ruined. In any case, for what reason are these things freezing while nourishment outside the drawers keeps up the correct temperature? Straightforward adjustment to the fridge temperature or cabinet settings can answer why your fridge cabinet continues freezing meal.

Here are the 5 reasons behind frozen food in drawer

A considerable amount of public cautiously pick what to store in fridge drawers to preserve the time span of usability of perishable produce. So, when your refrigerator cabinet continues frosting nourishment, it will feel like a significant glitch is responsible. Luckily, these five changes can without much of a stress, will take care of the issue and evade food from being squander.

1. Adjust Temperature Gauge: If the lowermost cabinet of refrigerator continues frosting, first of all check the temperature gauge settings of your fridge. Sometime you set the temperature gauge at freezing point and forget to change it when the season transforms and as a result the bottom of fridge also buildups frost. Consequently, the food kept in the drawer become crisper frozen. Normally, a fridge temperature ought to be between 37-42°F to abstain from freezing yet at the same time keep nourishment cool. If the temperature gauge isn’t working appropriately take assistance from professional refrigerator repairing expert.

2. Over-filling The Refrigerator: Overcrowding the fridge drawers with an excessive number of things can likewise cause freezing issues. Most fridge cabinets have a vent that takes in decent amount of fresh air inside the cabinet. In case, if this vent is hindered with excessive amount of food items, cold air will stay jammed inside, making things freeze. Forestall the bottom cabinet of refrigerator that is unwantingly freezing things, by creating sufficient spaces among the products. This will guarantee that cabinet vents aren’t impassable and legitimate wind current is kept up.

3. Clean The Cooling Vents: Just like vent in the cabinets, the fridge likewise has similar kind cooling vents. These vents discharge the processed cold air from the fridge’s condenser to cool down the internal temperature. If these vents are somehow impassable, cold air accumulates at the base of the refrigerator and you’ll discover the fridge cabinet will continue to freeze nourishment as an outcome. Make sure that food items are placed at a decent distance to allow the vent to emit cold air. Beside this, try to clean the vents regularly to remove any blockage caused by dust of frozen ice. This will help your fridge cooling cycle work properly without any interruption.

4. Manage Crisper Drawer Setting: Unlike many other, fewer crisper cabinets have separate temperature control settings. If you figure out the setting is set at low you may see veggies frosting in the refrigerator cabinet. So, if your crisper drawers have separate temperature settings feature, adjust the temperature of the cabinet to protect food from freezing.

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5. Don’t Leave Refrigerator Without Food: At the end, if your fridge cabinet continue to freeze things, it could be because you left the refrigerator empty without food items for too long. While this doesn’t appear to be an undeniable solution, your fridge works ideally perfect when it’s well supplied with food items. A range of items in the refrigerator consumes the chilling air that the fridge radiates. So, when the fridge is generally vacant, this chilling air sinks to the base, freezing things in the crisper drawers. Having sufficient food items in your fridge always keep cold air from sinking that allows your crisper drawer to maintain its temperature adequately. At the moment, when your fridge cabinet continue to frost food items, these straightforward changes can typically take care of the issue.

Empty Refrigerator

Even after trying all these actions, if you figure out that your drawers are still not maintaining the accurate temperature as instructed, a refrigerator repairing might be done to overcome the problem. Call Dialatechnician to schedule repair service today!

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