How To Fix AC If Blowing Warm Air

There are number of reasons that may cause the window air conditioners bowing warm air. I’ll mention most common among them below:

Replace Air Filter:

The most well-known reason for window AC not blowing chilly air is lack of proper wind flow. In an appropriately working AC, a fan will drain air over the evaporator coils where it is condensed through recycling, and then sent back into the living room. In case the air filter gets dirty or blocked, there might be practically no wind stream over the evaporator coils, which may make them become excessively cold and there is a good chance to form ice on them, limiting the wind stream significantly more harshly. This may throw back warm air into the room over and over again. What we know is that the air filter is ordinarily situated behind the front grille which may have a side access opening. Clean or supplant the channel at least once after two month or when it is essentially needed. However, if the evaporator coils are grimy, at that point cleaning with soapy water and a delicate brush will be needed and but we additionally suggest changing the filter.

Motor Fan:

Sometimes a window Air Cooler will not be blowing cold air, the issue could be the fan or fan motor. In an appropriately working AC, a fan works as inhalator and therefore draw air over the frosty evaporator coils and after re-cycling the air, it is pushed back into the living room. On the off chance that the fan rotation is excessively too slow, the lack of air flow over the evaporator coil might result in forming ice, that will further hinder the flow of air. Both fan and motor engine are situated inside so removal of the cabinet will be required to perform any checks. If you are not sure that you can handle this, best thing to do is call an appliance repair technician nearby you. Ensure that the fan motor engine will turn effectively and that the blades are not harmed. In case, the motor engine is seized or if fan blades are broken, at that point it becomes necessarily important to replace them. Even if the motor engine turns easily it might in any case be malfunctioning or it may not be getting enough power from the controls. These tests are very crucial and confused and therefore, ought to be performed by a certified appliance repairing professional who is alright with the utilization of a multi-meter.

Motor Fan

Temperature Controller:

If your AC is blowing hot air and you have performed basic inspection of the air filter along with fan engine and discovered them alright, at that point you may have an issue with the temperature controller or in particular thermostat. This is the gadget that screens the approaching air temperature and turns the compressor on or off. You will most probably observe a sensory bulb stuck to the control that will stretch out to the front of the evaporator coil, and a pair of electrical contact points in the body of the control that supply power to the blower (compressor) circuit. The bulb normally inspects the room air temperature and will advise the thermostat control switch on the blower, at time when the set temperature is below than the room temperature. The thermostat will likewise set the compressor into off-mode, when the ideal temperature has been reached. In case, the temperature controller or the indoor regulator (thermostat) it may not be able to transmit sufficient power to the blower; hence no cooling will occur. Assess the sensory bulb for any indications of a sharp bend, wrinkle or burst and supplant the control if any of these symptoms are found. You can likewise check the progression of the controller with a multi-meter by pivoting the dial to the lowest setting. Confirm that the sensing bulb is appropriately situated in the wind stream through the evaporator coils before disapproving the control. You must figure out air conditioner repair service in your area to fix home appliance issues.

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Electronic Control Board:

After running inspection test of your split AC, if both air filter and fan motor are found okay, at that point you may have an issue with the Control Board, sometimes alluded to as the PCB. This control board, in combination with a thermostat, thoroughly reads the air temperature and decides either to switch on-off the compressor upon the chose temperature. The thermister is linked with the control board and will stretch out to the front of the evaporator coil. In worst case scenario, if the control board is defective, it may not have the potential to supply electric power to the blower, and therefore no cooling will be released. Assess the thermister first for any indications of mutilation or rust before condemning the electronic control board.

Dead Capacitor:

One of the reasons for blowing regular air by your split AC, could be the glitch in compressor circuit. Almost all window AC systems utilizes a capacitor to help kick start the compressor. If the capacitor is dead, the blower won’t work properly and the fan will just blow warm air. Some window air conditioners use a run capacitor in the fan engine circuit combining both devices in the same container. The condenser and capacitor are situated inside the cabinet and access to them will require expulsion of the cover. On the off chance that the capacitor doesn’t give any noticeable indications of harm you will require a certified home appliance repair individual to check it with special test gear. Ensure that the substitution capacitor has indistinguishable specifications as the original.


Faulty Thermistor:

Among many other issues, faulty thermistor could also be the reason behind your AC for not blowing chill air. This particular component is found on electronic control models and examines the inward air temperature and then transmits special coded signals to the primary control board to put the compressor on either on or off mode. The gadget is usually situated in the wind flown close to the evaporator coil. A malfunctioned thermistor will not send any sort of signals to the central control board to switch the compressor between on-off mode. You must have to purchase a new thermistor if there are any visible signs of damage or erosion.

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