How AC Is Different To HVAC?

If you are residing in Los Angeles, picking up a right type of air condition system could be a big challenge. Even if we put all the technical complexities aside that comes along with purchasing a new AC system, doing so could prove extremely unsatisfying.

As a matter of fact, air conditions exploration isn’t as easy as you may think. Therefore, it is mandatory to study the basic elements of air conditioning apparatus. These systems are used both for cooling and heating for years if properly maintained.

Centralized Cooling Heating (HVAC)

If you still uncertain where to start? Here is an important question that people normally ask before making a purchase.


As a Los Angeles premier HVAC and air conditioner repair service providers, we receive number of inquiries each day. One of the most commonly asked question we get is, what’s the major distinction between AC and HVAC?

Put simply, these acronyms are one and serves same purpose.

AC is short form of ‘Air Conditioner’ whereas, HVAC is short form of heating, ventilation, and air conditioning. Both AC and HVAC acronyms are used with an intention to distinguish difference among air conditioning and heating machines, whether it’s a window unit or a central system.

Air Condition Compressor

Most Prominent Air-Cooling Systems

When researching about different air cooling and heating system, you’ll have number of options available. We’ll mention most prominent of them down here:

  1. Window Units: These are small air-cooling systems that can be easily fit within your windows. These units are not as small as you may think, therefore their weight is mighty. Window units are useful for small spaces like a studio apartment and generates perfect cooling. Window units are comparatively cheap and typically cost only few hundred dollars.
  2. Central Air Condition: HVAC or central air conditioning systems are the most common cooling systems that are installed in large buildings like hospitals, tall buildings and Government departments. Fewer home owners also prefer centralized cooling systems over window units and split AC. It is a combination of both outdoor and indoor components linked by a series of intricate duct work. Many people might not be able to install centralized air-cooling system at home because it requires large amount of spending. However, these systems are very efficient and works perfect, when appropriately handled and maintained, can last up to 20 years.
  3. Split Systems: If you are familiar with central cooling system, split system also work almost in similar way except the duct work. Many people prefer to install split systems at home now a days because they are designed to meet the present time requirements and don’t need intricate duct work. It’s easy to install and maintain these systems when compared to costly HVAC machines. Even it split system has a malfunction, you can easily take help from nearest Los Angeles home appliance repairing professionals.

AC Installation

It is no secret that purchasing a new AC system for your house is one of the hardest job, but at Dialatechnician, our endeavor is to make things easy for you. No matter how confused you are with making any choice regarding new air condition, we would love to assist you 24/7. After acquiring initial information regarding your budget and home structure, we’ll come up with best possible solution for your home.

Contact us today to get started.

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