Which Product Is Best Viking Vs Sub-Zero Refrigerators

Both Viking and Sub-Zero are two big brands and most of the people are very well familiar with them in the industry. They aren’t contemporary rivals as Viking focused on selling ranges whereas Sub-Zero specialty is refrigerators.

To expand business, Viking invested to become the sole owner of Amana’s high-end fridges. The purpose was obviously not to limit themselves only to a range company but to manufacture refrigerators as well. In much similar way, Sub-Zero purchased Wolf and then became a range as well as refrigerator company.

During the initial days, Viking had too many problems and their customer may often complain about their refrigerators but with passage of time they achieved the technology to produce good quality refrigerators, but can we compare it with Sub-Zero?

Sub-Zero Background:

The journey of Sub-Zero commenced in 1943 when Westye F. Bakke built the first freestanding freezer which was a very unique design, in the basement of his Madison, Wisconsin home. The foundation of Sub-Zero company was however laid two years later in an old two car garage. From the very first success story of Sub-Zero, it is now at the forefront of home refrigerators manufacturing industry.

The best part of this company’s state-of-the-art engineering, is its dual refrigeration system, which hinge on two splits, self-contained chilling structures that helps in keeping the food fresher and preserve frozen food lengthier.

For more than three decades, Sub-Zero has offered creative, stylishly engaging and mechanically advanced solutions to meet essentially any home refrigeration need.

Viking Background:

Viking Range Corporation belongs to Fred Carl, Jr., who is a fourth-generation building contractor, as a speculative project which was intended at evolving the very first commercial-type range precisely designed, engineered and certified for only home use. Viking is a big name in the appliance industry but it also manufactures all items of the kitchen, food and wine.

The production plant of Viking fridges was entirely modernized in 2000 that produces units of built-in refrigerators, freezers, wine storage and everything needed for outdoor refrigeration goods. It was later acquired by Middleby, a commercial range manufacturing company, in Feb 2013.

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Air Purification Filters:

Both refrigerators producing brands, Sub-Zero and Viking are competing head to head, and each of them has air purification filters installed inside the refrigerator.

Viking air purifier is made from Plasmacluster Ion, that eradicates airborne mold, kills microbes and other impurities while get rid of odors.

Whereas Sub-Zero comes with filtration system that scrubs air, and extracts the gasses off food, keeping the meal fresher for a prolong period of time. Its filter also removes cross-contamination preventing foods spoiling.

Door Seal:

Sub-Zero likewise has a vacuum seal on all doors, which blocks outside air from entering the fridge. The refrigerator additionally includes a high-mugginess cabinet with partitions and a portable dairy compartment. The crisper and store drawers also make-up an exceptional low-temperature zone. They are magnetized to seal air out.

On the other hand, Viking also comes with two high-humidity zone drawers just as a flexible cold zone cabinet, which can be set for either produce or long haul, fresh meat stockpiling with distinct temperature controls.


Sub-Zero provides a two-year warranty on different parts and up to 12 years on dual compressors as compared to Viking that gives three-year warranty on its single compressor. If you are having problem with compressor you might be wondering, who do I call to change the freon in my refrigerator? Don’t worry and take a deep breath because Dialatechnician provide all kinds of electronic appliance repairing services.


To be honest, Viking past models had many problems and therefore they had no choice other than improvising and luckily, they did so but despite this fact Sub-Zero still has reasonable edge over them. Dual compressors mean the air remains chambered in the proper zone.

Thus, the wet air remains in the fridge and doesn’t blend in with the drier air of the freezer. This means the taste never blends. The vacuum seal of the Sub-Zero shields air from penetrating the refrigerator. Consequently, nourishment remains fresher for a more drawn out time frame


Middleby is now owner of Viking. I initially was amped up for the new Viking, yet the service issues are bewildering, particularly on a brand so dependent on their name acknowledgment.

We are fortunate to have 20 appliance repair specialists on staff in light of the fact that the Viking service rate was over 60% in the first year. Middleby is an acquirer of solid companies. After four years, the issues remain. If you want to find a reliable appliance repairing company, you are in the right place. Contact us now to get free quotes and prompt service.

The innovation in the two refrigerators is generally excellent, however Sub-Zero is basically the better fridge as of now.


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